Swabi College of Information Technology

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About Us

Swabi College of Information Technology was established in the year 2001 with the aim to  achieve excellence in professional studies by providing hight quality education.

SCIT is affiliated to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical Education, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Trade Testing Board Peshawar and approved by Govt. of Pakistan.  In a span of Ten years the college has developed and upgraded its Computer laboratories, and Lecture classes with Infrastructure & Equipment as per B.T.E/T.T.B. guidelines to cater to the student’s needs. The students have consistently achieved Ranks, Distinctions and First classes in all the Courses since its inception.

Our Vision

 Bringing Excellence to the Education



Our Mission

Our mission at SCIT is to be a Centre of Excellence in Professional Education by providing Highest Quality Education in a Secure, Positive and Challenging Environment that addresses students' Unique Learning Styles, cultivates Independent Thought, and promotes the Building of Character,  Enabling them to Contribute to their communities in Meaningful and Positive ways.

 We strives towards global sustainability of environment protection through a clean and green environment in the Institution, accomplishing its mission of offering quality programs and service not only to the students but also to the community and the nation, through optimum utilization of all its resources.

The Institute has mission to impart quality education to the students to prepare them to take management position for providing leadership in the complex world of IT & industry. Our courses are offered with first rate facilities, designed to serve the needs of professional people.

 We Impart quality education in the following courses.

  • Information Technology 
  • Management Sciences
  • Computer Sciences
  • English Language
  • Health & Safety
  • Survey

All above courses are approved by Provincial Technical Boards and Directorate of Technical Education & Manpower Training, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

 Diploma is awarded to the students by Board of Technical Education, Peshawar (B.T.E.), and Trade Testing Board, Peshawar (T.T.B.). 

Our Features

The institute has a state-of-art infrastructure providing conducive academic environment that encourages interactive learning, industrial experience and strong research base.

  • Gives wide choice of Computer Courses.
  • Provides higher quality in Professional education.
  • All the latest technological facilities available along with modern infrastructure, labs, computers, and library.
  • Clear admission structure with equal opportunity to male & female.
  • Special focus on improvement of student’s professional skills and self-development with character building.
  • Continuous evaluation through internal Assessments, Assignments, Practical records etc, and feedback to parents or guardians.
  • Easy access to public transport.

Our Set of Laws

Enrolling for a course at Swabi College of Information Technology (SCIT) creates binding agreement on the student to follow the program and pay the full tuition fees.


 Admission forms can be obtained from the college office on payment.

  • Students are advised to read the prospectus carefully before filling in the application form.
  • Don't leave any field blank, If NOT APPLICABLE write down NA.
  • Please state clearly the TITLE OF THE COURSE and the time you wish to join. Check only one field of study. Multiple selections or overwriting can lead toward rejection of form.
  • The completed application form must be returned with, copies of relevant certificates and the registration and application fee to SCIT. Only duly completed application forms will be considered.
  • All the documents and photos attached with the application form must be attested by a grade 17 Govt. Officer.
  • Every candidate will have to submit the application for admission form in a file cover to the admission office.
  • Selected candidates shall have to produce the required credentials at the time of admission in original.
  • Once your completed application form is received along with the registration fee, you will be issued a slip of enrollment stating that a seat has been reserved for you in the course subject to the payment of the tuition fee.

All declarations made in application for admissions are accepted in good faith. Any FALSE DECLARATION about qualification or age or failure to produce documentary evidence of qualifications, may render a student liable to removal from the program to which he/she has been admitted. In such cases, a student will not be entitled to any refund of fees. If the application form is signed on behalf of the student by his/her guardian/representative, the above terms and conditions will still apply.


SCIT reserves the right to cancel courses, amalgamate classes, increase or reduce the number of lectures in a week, change the timings, or discontinue a program if the need arises.

  • Students who change address/ contacts must notify SCIT immediately. Students must not use Sims’s address to receiving his/her personal mail under any circumstances.
  • Important notices to students are displayed on SCIT main Notice Board and students are required to check notices on daily basis. Management of the institute can't be held responsible if a student misses some information, which was displayed on the notice board.
  • Destruction or misconduct in the premises of the institute might result in strong penalties like financial punishment or even removal.
  • Students are required to be punctual in attending classes, submitting assignments and doing home works. Failing to which might result in removal from the course.
  • If a student has been absent for reasons of ill health, a doctor's certificate may be required to cover the entire period of absence.
  • If a student fails to maintain attendance of at least 80% for a course he/she might be required to repeat that course by getting afresh admission in the next session.
  • Institute reserves the right to inform family/ guardian about the performance of the student at any time of the year.
  • SCIT will not be liable for any property or money lost in the college's premises.
  • SCIT reserves the right to make appropriate changes to the program and amend the dates of programs and fees payable without prior notice.


As a fixed number of seats is allocated by Board of Technical Education, Peshawar for D.Com, D.B.A., and D.I.T., therefore those students who once got registration from the mentioned authority in the capacity of SCIT would not be allowed to migrate to any other institution whether local or non-local. They can do so only if the dues for the whole program are paid to SCIT. Fee once deposited is not refundable in any case.


Regular, everyday class attendance is expected of all students. A student may be withdrawn from a class due to excessive absences. If a student has an unavoidable absence, the student is responsible for obtaining any handouts or lecture notes given during that absence. However, the absence does not excuse him/her from taking tests or submitting work on time. Students are encouraged to contact/submit work to the instructor any number of ways and to discuss problems with attendance.

  • Student will be required to solve case studies on the subject being taught on a regular basis.
  • All the students must observe punctuality. Late comers may not be allowed to enter the class.
  • The minimum attendance is compulsory i.e. 75 percent.
  • One who has been absent on the previous day without leave application will not be admitted to the class, unless a written application countersigned by the parent / guardian is submitted.
  • Attendance in all activities and functions of the College is compulsory.
  • A student who is absent due to illness for more than 3 days must submit a medical certificate.
  • Students are not allowed to attend their GUEST during class.
  • Student may neither drop a subject or course nor change from one program to another without permission from SCIT.
  • If a student wants to CHANGE his/her course of study he/she will have to apply it before the commencement of the major field of study courses. Academic Board will decide upon such requests.
  • Students unable to join their program by the scheduled date must inform SCIT accordingly at least TWO WEEKS prior to the staring date of their program.


In the light of Supreme Court verdict, which reads as under:

 “Students indulgence i n political activities in the college shall be strictly prohibited,. We, therefore, hereby direct that at the time of admission to an educational institution the student and his parent / guardian shall give an understanding that the student shall not indulge in politics ailing which he shall not be allowed admission. And If after the admission, he/ she violates such undertaking i.e. “indulges him/herself in politics” he/she shall be expelled from the institution without any further notices. All the educational institution s shall henceforth seek and obtain similar undertaking in respect of all existing enrolled students. It is explained that the finding with regard to “indulgence in politics” given by the Head of institution under his seal and signature shall be final and shall not be questioned except only before the Supreme Court.”

 The specimen of undertaking given in the Prospectus is to be filled and signed by the student and father/ guardian on judicial paper and attested by a competent authority to be produced at the time of interview/ admission.


  • Tuition fees are payable BEFORE a student starts studies, in accordance with the terms as notified upon acceptance for admission.
  • Students may be allowed to pay their fees by installment but a surcharge of Rs. 200, to cover additional administrative fees, will be added to the admission fees. Students who don't keep to the installment plan may be charged @ Rs. 10 per day for delay.
  • Students who are late in starting their course or have been absent from classes for a period of time or have not been attending all the subjects or courses they have enrolled for will not be entitled to any refund or reduction of tuition fees.
  • If a student is refused by the External Institution/ Board because of none or poor attendance or because of any breach of the law, tuition fees will not be refundable.
  • Charging of fees is subject to change as per the requirements of the Institution, Board.
  • Tuition fee is ONLY REFUNDABLE if the student or his/her representative must inform SCIT in writing about the student's inability to start the program at least two weeks prior to the starting date of the program. In other cases, ONLY SECURITY shall be refunded. All original paper work issued to the student including the Certificate of Enrollment and the receipt for the fees paid must be returned to SCIT
  • College Security not withdrawn from the college within SIX MONTHS of leaving the college stands confiscated.


It is important to note that certain certificates and diplomas are certified by External Institutions / Boards. These external institutions may charge a FEE for registration and examinations. These fees are outside the control of SCIT. New students are advised to take these external costs into account. These external fees and costs are the responsibility of students; they are usually separate from our fees. New students should seek clarification with our admissions office if in doubt.