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This course is intended for student and employees (MALE+FEMALE who are keen to improve their knowledge of English VOCABULARY and GRAMMAR in general and COMMUNICATIVE ability in particular, so that they may be able to communicate in English with confidence. Contents of this course have specifically been formulated in order to enable the students to feel comfortable and confident in the rapid growing English oriented society. Grammar will be taught at all levels in order to improve the above skills.



·         English will improve while doing Spoken English.

·         Students successfully completing this course will always find themselves well-equipped in terms of effete communication skills.



·         This course is designed primarily for those having a basic knowledge of English and they want to improve it.    



·         Basic Grammar

·         Vocabulary

·         Phonetics

·         Communication Skills,

·         Greetings and level taking,

·         Meeting and introducing people,

·         Polite forms of speech and writing,

·         Informally conversing with colleagues,

·         Understanding simple instructions sings notices etc.

·         Writing and narrating accounts of day today experiences.


DIPLOMA LEVEL (6 months)

·         Communication Skills,

·         Expressing preferences,

·         Like and dislikes in a simple and understandable manner,

·         Communicating requests & instructions.

·         Reading for information,

·         Using polite forms of speech & writing.

·         Developing telephonic skills.

·         Understanding written instructions,

·         A thorough grounding in structure,

·         Reading mature writing,

·         Vocabulary expansion exercises

·         Including figurative expressions,

·         Discussions, Debates, Dialogues,

·         Speeches & Telephonic conversations.



Course Start                 Every Monday

Course Timing               04:00 pm

Course Duration            4 Weeks (5 Days a Week, 02 Hrs/Day)


IELTS test is designed to assess the language ability of candidate who needs to study or work where English is used as the language of communication. IELTS test is more and more widely recognized as the authoritative test of English language skills. If you are planning to go to UK, Australia, Canada or New Zeeland (for studies, Immigration or Work Visa), you may well be asked to do IELTS. Many Universities/ embassies will not even consider your application without an acceptable IELTS score.


IELTS does not test your grammar, but your use and comprehension of the language. You do not need to know a very rich grammar (as, for example in the Proficiency); you must be able to write and speak without grammar mistakes and to listen and read properly. However, this is not enough; even in the case your English is perfect, you still need to practice on some IELTS test in order to get used to the test format. The work you need to undertake depends on your current level of English and the band score you need to obtain.


The appropriate level of English to start practicing on IELTS material depends on the band you need. If a 5.5 is enough, then you can start earlier. If a 7.5 is required, then your fundamental have to be very strong. If your level of English is average, you must start preparation of IELTS test well in advance. Your English will improve while doing IELTS Exercises.


Four Areas of IELTS